Junior Music Festival

Every year, MacDowell Music Club organizes and hosts the Junior Music Festival for music students in the Rock County community and beyond. The event is organized at the state level by the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs (WFMC), and at the National level by the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC). Our 2023 Festival will be Saturday, March 11. This event is for music students through high school. Many types of events are offered, including Piano Solo, Piano Hymns, Piano Concerto, Vocal Solo, Violin, String Chamber, Viola, Flute, Theory, and many more. The Festival is not a competition. All students can earn points in their events and receive trophies after reaching certain milestones.

Festival Forms

The Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs' Web site has the Festival forms, including applications and rating sheets.

Frequently Asked Festival Questions

Why participate in Festival?

The Festival promotes musical excellence in a non-competitive environment. Students receive the judges' comments on their performances to help them grow musically. Also, receiving ratings and beautiful gold cups provide incentives and encouragement to students to continue their musical education and to be their musical best.

What happens on Festival Day?

Students perform in their event at the Music Festival, held on a Saturday in February every year. Only a judge and a room monitor are present when the student performs. The judges rate the students and give constructive feedback on the performance.

When will students find out their scores and receive trophies?

After the Festival is over, the rating sheets will be given to the students' teachers to pass along to their students. Upon receiving a certain number of points for a given event, students are eligible to receive gold cups, which are given through their teachers.

What is the cost?

Participation in the Festival requires an entrance fee and an event fee. Please see the festival schedule at the top of this page for the current year's fees.

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